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30 Assorted Anime Icons
[15] Sailor Moon
[5] Nisekoi
[5] Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!
[5] Jigoku Shoujo
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League of Legends Icons
Hi guys, long time no post. I got antsy one day and decided to make a new icons just to see if I still had the touch. This is what I came up with! It's not alot, but feel free to use them as you wish. ^^
Credit would be much appreciated!
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Old Icon Spam!
Here's a collection of all my old icons from way back when. xD I decided to throw them all together in one post- sorry for the size!
[ 20 ] Bleach
[ 10 ] Naruto
[ 37 ] Final Fantasy
[ 15 ] Kingdom Hearts
[ 25 ] Kpop 
[ 16 ] Tekken
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New Start.
I decided to give my journal a make-over and a new start! This journal will be for graphics and the like- maybe screencaps. I haven't decided yet! xD Anyways, I just wanted to remind myself to post things more often-I miss this place. o u o
You can expect things like: icons, banners, wallpapers, pngs, imagesets,screencaps and an occasionaly mv or review!

I have other links!
tumblr I'm a pretty advid poster on there.x D)
deviatart (I hardly use it anymore. )

Not expecting anything big from my posts, but I do hope you like them. ^^


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